The Post-Launch Marathon: Sustaining Your Game’s Momentum with a 3-Month Plan and Budget

Congratulations, you’ve successfully launched your game into the competitive gaming market!

However, the ride doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s only the beginning of a new phase – the post-launch marathon. To ensure your game’s continued success and maintain the momentum, it’s crucial to dedicate at least three months of dev time to address new issues, implement changes based on player feedback, and maximize the growth potential. In this article, we’ll explore why the post-launch period is critical and how a dedicated plan and budget can make all the difference.

The Value of Post-Launch Dedication:
Once your game hits the market, it enters the hands of players who will provide valuable feedback. This period presents a unique opportunity to listen, adapt, and refine your game. By dedicating more development time, you can actively engage with your player community, demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction, and enhance the overall player experience. This post-launch phase allows you to demonstrate your responsiveness, build player loyalty, and create a positive reputation within the gaming community.

Adapting to Player Feedback:
Listening to player feedback is the backbone of any successful game as it offers invaluable insights into what’s working well and areas that can be improved. By carefully listening to your player base, you can identify pain points, bugs or technical issues that slipped into the launch build and uncover areas where the game can be fine-tuned. The feedback-driven approach enables you to address concerns as quickly as possible and show players that their voices matter. It’s an opportunity to go beyond just bug fixes and implement meaningful changes that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Long-Term Success and Business Viability:
Sustaining your game’s momentum after the initial launch is essential for long-term success and business viability as a studio. By dedicating development time after launch, you invest in the game’s future, capitalize on its potential, and position yourself as a dev committed to continuous improvement. This dedication not only retains your existing player base but also attracts new players who witness the ongoing support and dedication put into the game. It sets a precedent for your studio’s reliability and builds a foundation of trust with the gaming community.

The post-launch phase of a game is not a time to rest , but rather an opportunity to solidify your game’s success. By dedicating a couple months of development time after launch, actively incorporating player feedback, and implementing improvements, you can sustain the momentum, engage your player community, and position your game for long-term success.

Embrace the post-launch marathon, and let it be the foundation for your game’s enduring triumph!

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