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Expert Game QA Testing solutions for a flawless user experience

Alkotech Labs provides multi-platform game QA testing services throughout the development cycle, from prototypes to launch and updates. We provide custom and tailored services that will fit like a glove for your next big project.

Why chose a professional game testing services?

Quality assurance is one of the most critical aspects of game development. It is a crucial step is making sure that you deliver a high quality and well-polished product to the end-users, thus ensuring that your project is well perceived by the players and the platforms on which you are launching.

Players are most likely to dismiss very quickly a game that has multiple game breaking issues and having a bug riddled project can drastically impact the monetization, rating and the appeal of the game, and it can long term hurt you by decreasing the reputation and the credibility of the company.

By outsourcing game testing services, you make sure that you get highly trained, experienced and efficient experts that can offer you the certainty that nothing is left unchecked and no stone unturned. Moreover, having an external QA can drastically save both time and costs by obtaining more precious time needed for game development.

Perfect for indie projects!

We will create together a plan that’s best suited for your project needs, timeline and project stages. A seamless experience guided by our QA experts.

Perfect for triple A!

We offer complete and extensive packages that will take care of all of your QA needs, as well as custom-tailored reports delivered with the stakeholder needs in mind.

About us

We are Alkotech Labs, an Europe-based video game testing startup studio created by experts in the industry, backed by years of experience helping both triple A and indie developers create high-quality and polished products.


Our passion, inspiration and drive to constantly improve help us prove ourselves as a reliable partner for outsourcing Quality Assurance, User Experience and many more testing services.


With a team formed of enthusiastic and innovative people, we are driven to assure the delivery of great products to market, as well as providing services that will ensure your project’s ongoing results.

Our services

Functionality testing

Confirm that everything flows according to the specifications and get a sense of the general issues that are present in the game that might impact the user experience.

Compliance testing

We perform in-depth checks to make sure that your project is meeting all the criteria requested by the platforms on which you will publish.

Compatibility testing

Essential checks that offer an in-depth look on how the game performs on multiple devices and aspect ratios.

Load & Performance testing

Understand how your game performs under load and get to know what bottlenecks exist performance-wise.

Multiplayer testing

Does your project feature asynchronous or synchronous multiplayer? We will coordinate multiple sessions in order to check every aspect of multiplayer.


How will the collaboration work?

Every aspect of working with us is very customizable. From the preferred channel of the communication - be it email, IM or video call and frequency of meetings to the way we submit issue tickets (what format, what fields to use and so on) and the reports you receive - everything can be openly discussed with us and we will find together the best solution that fits your needs and preferred workflow.

How can I save money and time by outsourcing QA?

Simply put, a programmer’s salary is higher than a tester’s salary. To have a programmer or an artist extensively check every new feature implemented is an extremely inefficient way of using available resources as it eats up very precious development time. By choosing to work with an external QA team, you make sure that every resource is purposefully allocated. Moreover, by outsourcing, you save the hassle of dealing with interviewing, finding the right person and managing the salaries of an internal testing team, as well as not having to deal with downtimes present in-between the releases.

What is exactly game testing and how can it help my project?

Game testing is a critical software development process focused on identifying the defects and bugs in a video game. By having a dedicated game testing team, you ensure that the issues present in the game are identified and can be fixed before reaching the end-user, thus ensuring a high-quality product.

How are costs calculated?

For every project, the cost is thoroughly discussed before committing to a contract. Based on the complexity and the needs of the project (eg. the number of menus, features; does it require real-time multiplayer) as well as the current milestone we will provide an estimate of the recommended numbers of hours and testers needed. Having all that in mind, the cost is calculated based on the amount of work needed to be done.

How can I integrate an external QA into my team?

This is as customizable as you want it to be. The collaboration could range from opting for a very integrated team that you could think of as an on-site remote team that has a direct collaboration with every member of the development team to having a designated point of contact that will ensure the cooperation between the two teams. Either way, we will help you every step of the way in choosing the right solution for your project.

When should I integrate a dedicated QA team into the development process?

Although as early as possible is a simple answer, it is more complicated than that. We recommend integrating the QA after a working prototype is available. The current milestone drastically impacts the amount of work needed from a QA perspective. This is why we will offer an initial assessment of the workload and will notify you when a ramp-up is needed.

My project is not yet launched, how can you prevent leaks?

We highly value the confidentiality and trust of our partners. We offer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before revealing any project-sensitive information.

I need other development areas covered for my project. Do you offer services beyond QA testing?

At the moment, we focus on providing excellent QA services and do not have extra game services or products available (eg. Customer support, Art, Programming, Audio or Publishing etc.) but don’t hesitate to openly talk this aspect with us. We can either recommend a high-quality service provider or help you asses and find the best solution for your project.

The next deadline is very tight. Is the team available for overtime?

Although we do not encourage overtime in our company culture, the team’s availability for overtime can be discussed provided that the request comes ahead of time.

I have purchased a QA testing package but there will be downtimes in the production cycle between releases. What do I do?

Short answer: you don’t have to worry about it. We understand that there might be a lot of downtimes and red lights regarding features that are work in progress. The testing process can be paused and resumed whenever needed in order to best fit the resource allocation and time schedule for the current milestone.