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We are Alkotech Labs, an Europe-based video game testing startup studio created by experts in the industry, backed by years of experience helping both triple A and indie developers create high-quality and polished products.

Our passion, inspiration and drive to constantly improve help us prove ourselves as a reliable partner for outsourcing Quality Assurance, User Experience and many more testing services.

With a team formed of enthusiastic and innovative people, we are driven to assure the delivery of great products to market, as well as providing services that will ensure your project’s ongoing results


Quality First
The very definition of us. All our processes are specially crafted with the ultimate goal in mind: to deliver the highest quality available.
Strong communication
Communication is Key. By having constant and ongoing communication channels, we ensure that every critical point is thoroughly discussed and acknowledged.
Passion and integrity
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Everyone is different. Every Project is different. This is why we always adapt our processes and services to every project we work on.
Continuous improvement
We drive consistent effort towards improving every aspect of our processes and workflow. Thus, we make sure that every day, we are a better version of ourselves.